How To Not Fall On Your Ass While Trail Running

...or lessen your chances.

Know terrain
Know every turn, fallen tree, rock, areas prone to gathering water. Know it well. Hike on it. Have that shit memorized.

  now add +

This is not a track run. Not no working-on-speed-with-the-well-laid-cushy-blue-surfaces run. Any distraction takes your brain out of the game and then this can happen...
Arrggg! The blood and the mud...
I figured it'd be nice to have some motivational videos playing to boost my run. It was. Until I had to click Skip Ad. I flew threw the air. My dumbass got up and kept running. I fell again. Realized that this video + distraction = falling has validity.

Each step is a millisecond of decision making. The terrain is in your memory and your focus is only on the run so you can scan the environment to know quickly where you're going to place your feet. It's also nice to get up speed.  You want to fly from rock to rock not through the air onto your face. You want to look like a Pritani charging into battle taking back Britain.

now add +

Coming up to a really rocky part? Or roots crawling the ground like angry apple trees.
"How would you like it if someone picked your apples?!
Keep going. Don't stop and go about gingerly. Just go. The momentum carries you forward. (And don't whine to me if you fall. I know all about that shit.)

 now add +

Crisscross Pattern Downhill (And uphill too. Why not?)
Learned in backpacking camp: don't try to run straight down the path. You're not rock climbing. It's a different thinking pattern. Running hills on trails is as much methodical as it is instinctual. Loose rocks, dirt, twigs,.. hey, it's naturific. You'll be "slip sliding away". Run downhill in a downward side to side pattern. May the physics be with you. Same thing uphill sometimes. Covers more ground.

You're good to go.
Now you'll never fall ever ever. (This is a joke, for anyone dumb enough to think I'm guaranteeing your safety.)


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