Why You Need To Raise Your Self-Esteem Now

Self-esteem is built by doing esteemable things. Yes, that's true.

But for someone with extremely low self-esteem, this creates a string of votes for, Most Sought After Doormat. This can't be good for the old, hey-I-feel-great-about-myself attitude.

Yes, it would be a lovely world if we all took care of each other.  But, in the words of the venerable Ice-T, the "Shit ain't like that."  Drop the, "let it begin with me" if you haven't picked up the, "learning to love yourself.." bit. (you know "...the greatest gift of all") Sing it Whitney

We can all fall prey to getting into the habit of being lazy and letting people do stuff for us...also known as...taking advantage of people. If someone's fallen into the nasty habit of, "you took care of something I was responsible for? Okay. Here's my bills, my laundry, and I'm hungry."

Low self esteemers...don't fall prey to people who tell you that you need to always do selfless acts. It's called 'guilting into submission'. Or it should be. I think I'm the only one who calls it that.

People who want to use other people will tell you to do things for others to feel good about yourself. Why?

Because they can spot the low-self-esteemers who thrive off of making other people happy.


Because guess who's gonna benefit by being one of the 'others'? 

It's a cycle that doesn't work. You make you happy. Then, you can give from your heart, not because you'll feel worthless if you don't.

Stop and think if you haven't been indoctrinated by someone who enjoys you doing stuff for them.

And maybe there'll be no more...

"You should help so and so with blah blah blah." ad infinitum


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