As it reads in, The Gift Of Anger, sadagraha is Sanskrit for "firmness in a good cause".

The book is a personal account written by Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi's grandson. Full of lessons on channeling anger to controlled positive action toward social change, The Gift Of Anger, documents the two years Arun Gandhi spent with his grandfather.

Early on in the book, "sadagraha" is mentioned as the word suggested by Mahatma Gandhi's cousin as an answer to his request for a name for his social movement. One source suggests that the word is a combination of two Sanskrit words. As Sanskrit was largely learned in oral form, the word may have fallen under the radar of scholars. Written Sanskrit poetry from the early medieval period is accepted as the most recent form of the ancient language. It's possible that sadagraha is known by descendants of Classic Sanskrit speakers while scholars are not aware of it's usage.


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