I Have A Blog And I'm (Not) Prepared To Use It

My blog's a mess. My blog is stupid as hell. I know this. I don't care.

So why do I waste cyberspace with a blog? Especially since I think all of us personal bloggers should title our blogs I Know Everyone Will Find What I Think Extremely Fascinating.

But, boiled down, all writing whatever genre, whatever skill level is exactly that.

I've wanted to write ever since I realized, "Hey, there's a story on this paper with the cool pictures."

And I'd like to add, that my first book reading was well received. 
                                                                              ...by my stuffed animals.
                                                                                   ...they all stayed seated.
                                                                                                           ....probably awed by the twists and                            turns I had woven in my six page thriller written in my own version of English. 

Every day there's stories and op-eds and how-tos, and dissertations, and commercials going through my head. And as we all experience, these masterpieces are in full swing when we're in no way able to write. For me it's while I'm on a run. The brain can be like a toddler, needy boyfriend, or customer at your food service job. As soon as you're busy with an important phone call, task, or watching the latest Thoughty2 YouTube installment... you're interrupted. Then, when I'm home from my run and I've re-introduced sitting on the couch to my legs two things happen. Either I can't remember anything I wrote in my head or I do and it's total crap. Then, if I do write something and I think it's somewhat cool, I'm horrified that someone might actually read it.

That's why I decided to force my funny-only-to-me, crass language, and know-it-all writing style on unsuspecting browsers.

here's my thinking (since what I think is extremely beneficial to others):

Having a blog:

         forces me to write

         allows me to practice my other love...research

         helps me develop my style and voice

         adds some validity to my saying I'm a writer.

Get ready...

I got stories to tell


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