The Essential Core For Running

There are other runners like me. Other runners who run for the sheer joy of beautiful scenery and the sense of power from creating our own misery. All that meditative cross-country running gets cancelled out when good old full body soreness is replaced by injury.

I started a weight training regimen from and I learned a shit-ton.

Running builds lean muscle.

you're just setting yourself up to fail, if you're pushing yourself beyond your muscle capacity. Especially when you're just starting off as a runner (or you treat running like that long-lost love who you always come back to, but don't get along with enough to stay together).

The core of the muscle building is the core.

Abdominals and back with some quadriceps.

I used to think, "hey, I really feel this run in my obliques." Running was working that, but I was getting injury after injury. I didn't have the baseline strength of the abs and glutes.

If that baseline in the core is at a deficit of the leg muscles,

the legs are forced to work a lot harder. They take the bulk.

Moderate building up to speed and distance running  + intense core muscle building = less possibility of injury.

What's been working lately for me is...

                                    run....................3x weekly
                                    non-run days....interval train; weights + bodyweight
                                    rest day.............stretch


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