Your Demon Or Mine?

Can a drug addict change?


Can you save a drug addict?


Should you try?

Only if you enjoy the thrill of risking everything.
But, remember the ripple effect. You'll be risking everything for people who didn't make your choice.

Changing is fucking hard as hell.
We all know:
You have to jump off the cliff of comfort into the unknown void.
You have to leave the fun of playing with death and embrace the real possibility.
You have to invite in the self-hate that is simmering underneath.
you have to give up the push pull of the nightmare/dream state and try to see how great you might be.

We all have something. For some people it's a habit. For others it's a demon eating away at our souls.

The fear of change is real and no one can force anyone else to make that commitment.

To a drug addict who's not committed to change, support is like bait to an alligator. If you're feeding "help" to the drug addict you risk everyone around you falling into the swamp.


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