Running in the Cold

Once again, I got bronchitis after running in the cold. The weather was pretty mild (50 degrees f.) to me but, breathing in the cold dry air was too much for my bronchial tubes.

In The Runner's Handbook, Bob Glover dedicates a chapter to running in the cold.

I decided to take his advice and I bought a face mask. It covers my mouth so the air I breathe in is warm enough for my bronchials. The book mentioned a DryLete face mask. Just for now though, I bought a good-enough $3. cotton/spandex blend at a flea market. Now I can run in the cold and still breathe. I warm up pretty quickly and I don't feel like I need the mask but, I'm wearing it anyway. It feels a little silly. It's better than being bed-ridden for 2 weeks with bronchitis.


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