Winter Slashers, Where's the Scary?

I'm beginning to wonder if I really do like horror movies. I did a quick search of new movies being released before the end of the year. Traditionally, the horror that comes out around the Christmas season is more fun and cute than scary: flashback to Gremlins (1984). But, there hasn't been anything to match that production value since.

Fast forward to 2012, and my search came up with three horror movie releases.

Silent Night- limited release Nov. 30
A "loosely based remake of the 1984 film, Silent Night Deadly Night" which had promise with an interesting back story and plot line, but was really bad. In this year's version, there's a crazed killer dressed in a Santa suit and police are having a tough time finding him because there just happens to be dozens of other guys running around in Santa suits. (An interesting twist would be the police go psycho and just start slashing every Santa they see. That would be scary. But it's not my script and no one's knocking down my door to do a rewrite.)
The problem for me is, I really have no interest in slasher films. The only things that could redeem a slasher are great practical effects and a good plot. But, a look at the trailer was disappointing. I was interested not just for the remake, but because Malcolm McDowell is starring as the sheriff. However,the trailer was like 5 minutes of his character arguing with the deputy. Boring.
The Collection- limited release Nov. 30
From the writers and director of the Saw series. I like the tag line: "The real Black Friday begins November 30th" The movie seems dark and disturbing. But, it seems to be missing the scary element because it's the same plot devices used in the Saw series: Methodical killer torturing victims for retribution. Next.
Kill Me Now- limited release Dec. 5
Twenty-something slasher/comedy flick. The timing, writers, and actors might make this something that actually is entertaining and comedic. Still no scary here.

I'm glad to see the horror genre is still alive. But enough of the non-thinking slasher.
Thanks to Movie Insider. A great resource for movie-goers. 


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