the spiral


depression stinks...

i'm gonna kick it in it's stinkin' head...

...but, I'm going to join another site to write for. I hope they accept me. Then I'll have two sites I write for and my fabulous blog, inner demons (I love that name) where I can weep publicly.

This other site is a humor site, and that's cool. Maybe it's a place where I can spread my dark humor seeds and flourish. Not with tulips and lilies, but with thorns and...well, the metaphor's gone.

But, I am glad this latest swing of depression is on it's way out. It's like a cold or virus that hits from out of nowhere. After it's gone it makes a little sense why the bug hit again. Unlike a physical sickness, depression's medicine is action. Some little action in a positive direction, like doing something for somebody else, or taking a walk, or signning up to write somewhere. During depression, the cogs in the wheel of the spiral downward are analyzing the misery, sleeping too much, not eating, hiding in a cave, excetera.

And like a cold, depression goes away. It doesn't stay forever. After 30-something years of this, I know the drill.


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