A Wasted 87 Minutes

I watched a pretty horrible movie last night. This concerns me: are there any good horror movies anymore?!

So, the opening scenes were pretty enticing. Very cool premise;

               a miserable, jilted spirit who killed her children while alive, takes over otherwise    wonderful mothers and makes them kill their children;

 interesting back story, good visuals and sound. Then, it just fell apart.

The camera work was boring, the editing was excruciating. It seemed like the script was viable and could have been turned into an engrossing movie. If there was some thought put into camera angles, lighting, sound modulation. If the director wasn't in love with every single moment of every shot and cut, cut, cut. And if the actors were given some kind of direction instead of, "You're really pissed off".

The movie's only save from being a really horrible horror movie was, it didn't have any gratuitous sex scenes. and for that I applaud the director. The horror genre is not synonymous with nudity and sex scenes.

I'm not going to give the name because I don't want to publicly embarrass the director (who's also the writer, editor, and producer). I am haunted slightly from somewhere within as I remember myself fulfilling every role on my films (especially editing).

I stuck the movie in my DVD player late at night, hoping to either fall asleep or watch a good low-budget horror movie. Instead, I just got aggravated.


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