Cyberpunk or Steampunk

I like Science-Fiction. I have to say, I enjoy sitting in a movie theater watching Sci-Fi more than reading a Sci-Fi novel. There, I said it. A writer and a voracious reader admitting to preferring passively watching a movie than reading. Given the last 2 decades of horror film offerings though, I'd have to admit that I prefer reading horror as opposed to watching it on the screen, be it big or small.

But as far as the Sci-Fi genre goes, I'm currently into Cyberpunk and Steampunk.


They're fun!

Cyberpunk is Sci-Fi with a twist of social psychology with a shot of alternate reality.

Steampunk messes with technology theories, and of course some alternate reality.

Another confession...

I haven't read much of what's out there as far as novels or short stories go...but I've written some, and they're so much fun to compose. Cyberpunk strikes a chord with me more as it leans toward Fantasy. Once there's a spark of an idea, it evolves into it's own separate world. It's so much like playing in a sandbox or the woods as a kid. I can create my own world where fairies, gnomes or Artificial Intelligent units are real, and they're taking control. If I create one being in one sand or stick building, then I create another, then more buildings, then a new language evolves, then the new world makes changes to the familiar. Cyberpunk can go on and on... and to continue with the suspension of disbelief, more and more rules need to be created. Then comes the fun part - how do all these new rules affect the human psyche? Are they confused with the new rules? How have they adapted to the new reality? Have they given up on social interaction?


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