As I post for the A-Z Challenge I'm considering where my posting ideas will come from. Tonight while I was driving on a wooded road, beautiful popped into my head. The road I travelled on was one of many in the area that traverses the mountains. I realized I'd like to keep the posting as a stream of consciousness. So, beautiful is what ran through my head for this day.

I know what I find beautiful. I also know that beauty is subjective. Objects and people typically judged for their beauty risk losing worth if deemed ugly. In almost every culture, art and women are suppossed to be beautiful. Each culture defines what beauty is. Sub-cultures define their own view of beauty. As we develop our individual likes, we decide what is beautiful to us.

I can't assume that the mountains I find so beautiful would be seen as others in the same way. What I find beautiful is sometimes different than others. A big annoyance of mine is hearing, "It's a beautiful day!" about a sunny day. I've spent my life wondering why, but now I just accept that I hate sunny days. That's just me. Sunny days make me cringe. Whether it's some subconscious trauma, a past life as a viking, or a supernatural force begging me to be a vampire... I just hate the sun.

To me a beautiful day is overcast. The cloud cover. The mist. The fog. The drizzle. All of it wakes me up and makes me feel alive. Oh, and coolness, too. Anything over 65 F and I'm complaining about the heat. But a good overcast day is beautiful to me. To shoot a good outdoor photograph I'd need a diffuser to get the rich, saturated colors that pop naturally with cloud cover. Most people may think of grey tones under the shield of clouds, but put a red object in the midst of the cloudy landscape and the vibrancy of the red pops.

To me my friends are beautiful. None of us are super-models, but who they are and what they mean to me makes them beautiful.

I conceed to popular opinion that Monet's, "Waterlilies" painting is beautiful. But, to me most of Rodin's sculptures are much more beautiful. The work involved. The correctness of the figures. The pristine white of the marble.

Those are thoughts that came to me as I drove through the mountains I find beautiful, in the quiet dark of night that to me, also is beautiful.


  1. Beautiful is definitely a subjective word. This is a beautiful post!

  2. I love overcast days too, and rain. We haven't had much rain for many months, so I love it more than ever.


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