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Monday, November 7, 2016

Two Fake Websites Who Steal From Authors         &         .........

Scam websites that lifted two of my articles. These sites are like Wack-A-Mole. As soon as one is gone, another pops up. They're run by cardboard companies with no way to contact because there is no real company and there's no name attached. The articles aren't the point either. It's a vehicle for spider-bots, fake ads, and cookie sneaking. One strategy is to file a DMCA Notice.

More explanation on why stealing articles is a d***h**d move, but here's a little snippet: other than spreading joy throughout the world through my spastic and sporadic attempts at humor, my objective for writing is to f**cking get paid.

Also look for colloquialisms that I hope to explain and legalese that I think I know.

And still more...the permission to make up your own word forms.

Happy misanthroping people 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest

Only a few more hours left, so get your butt moving.

Contests get me moving.  I love the challenge. I haven't posted here since my last computer died. I may have accidentally summoned a vengeful spirit by writing scary stories or an angry one from bad writing. Could be either one.

A few months ago I edited a one minute trailer for the FilmSupply editing contest. (Gorgeous film stock data base, by the way.) My skills got more fine tuned. Deadlines really focus me. I set out to create a horror trailer using their stock files. Which was a nice challenge to convey a definitive genre using stock files probably not intended to be used for horror.

Now I'm entering the "Dear Lucky Agent" Young Adult writing contest. Although, I believe in working within my own defined genre, I think changing up my target audience and specific genre is a growth opportunity. (Man, I hate cliches and catch phrases. But, sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Roll with the punches. Aaacckkk) Also, I think a writer's style and choice of genre will still be present in a toned down way regardless of the contest. It expands on writing skills. Now, that's thinking outside the box. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Short Character Study: the Abuser

The psycho comes in like a hero. Says and does all the right things. Not only to win her over, but her circle of family and friends.

He aligns himself with that circle. Thus, alienating her. All the while being a different person with her, enter the mean guy. This mean guy perception is inconceivable to her circle (which has now become his circle) because to them he is so nice and only wants the best for her.

She may have some imbalance. This works in his favor. He uses this, he wants her to doubt herself. It's all part of his 'hero drama'. He appears so accepting. 'Appears' is the key word. A hero is his mask from the Jungian philosophy. He needs her to need him for his hero role. He needs her to be vulnerable for his benefit.

He is the, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Salt City Horror Film Festival

35mm film and horror fanatics have something to look forward to. The Salt City Film Festival on April 19, 2014 in Syracuse, NY is an all 35mm print, all horror, all day film festival.

 Press Release from festival organizer Jeff Meyer:

 I would like to introduce you to The Salt City Horror Festival in Syracuse NY. It is the longest running  35mm horror festival in upstate New York. All screenings are genre related with classic all the way to current films. The Palace Theatre in Syracuse New York, and myself, are proud to announce the 35mm film print line-up for the 2014 SALT CITY HORROR FEST on April 19th. It is our best to date and I'm very excited to share it with you:

The 2014 SALT CITY HORRORFEST line-up is (all films will be screened 35mm film prints): 
•INVISIBLE MAN (original) 
•13 GHOSTS (William Castle using Illusion-O vision viewers) 
•John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN 2 
•Jack Ketchum and MODERNCINE 2007 Horror Film: THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. 

    Advance sale tickets (in Store) for only $15 at - 
Resurrected Tattoo: 125 W Fayette St, Syracuse, NY 13202 Call (315) 882-5400 for information on ticket sales.
 Over the net email contact and questions: 
Venue of the Salt City Horror Fest: The Palace Theater 2384 James Street Syracuse, NY 13090 
April 19th 2014 Doors open at 11am First film at noon 
Alcohol served to those over 21 years of age.
Up to date festival information:   

Lobby will be filled with vendors and more surprises TBA websites: 

Why call it the Salt City Horror Fest ?,_New_York

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Establishing Timelines

Terminus post quem is a Latin term describing the passage of time. The term delineates when an event, structure, or material is completed or out of production. When applied to archeology, anthropology, law and criminal investigation; distinguishing the terminus post quem helps professionals develop a useful timeline.
Online and print resources have it translated differently and even use the term interchangeably with terminus ad quem.

"limit after which"

"time after which"
Every Contact Leaves A Trace

"end towards which"
QPB Dictionary of Difficult Words

"final or latest limiting point"


Friday, December 7, 2012

Running in the Cold

Once again, I got bronchitis after running in the cold. The weather was pretty mild (50 degrees f.) to me but, breathing in the cold dry air was too much for my bronchial tubes.

In The Runner's Handbook, Bob Glover dedicates a chapter to running in the cold.

I decided to take his advice and I bought a face mask. It covers my mouth so the air I breathe in is warm enough for my bronchials. The book mentioned a DryLete face mask. Just for now though, I bought a good-enough $3. cotton/spandex blend at a flea market. Now I can run in the cold and still breathe. I warm up pretty quickly and I don't feel like I need the mask but, I'm wearing it anyway. It feels a little silly. It's better than being bed-ridden for 2 weeks with bronchitis.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Winter Slashers, Where's the Scary?

I'm beginning to wonder if I really do like horror movies. I did a quick search of new movies being released before the end of the year. Traditionally, the horror that comes out around the Christmas season is more fun and cute than scary: flashback to Gremlins (1984). But, there hasn't been anything to match that production value since.

Fast forward to 2012, and my search came up with three horror movie releases.

Silent Night- limited release Nov. 30
A "loosely based remake of the 1984 film, Silent Night Deadly Night" which had promise with an interesting back story and plot line, but was really bad. In this year's version, there's a crazed killer dressed in a Santa suit and police are having a tough time finding him because there just happens to be dozens of other guys running around in Santa suits. (An interesting twist would be the police go psycho and just start slashing every Santa they see. That would be scary. But it's not my script and no one's knocking down my door to do a rewrite.)
The problem for me is, I really have no interest in slasher films. The only things that could redeem a slasher are great practical effects and a good plot. But, a look at the trailer was disappointing. I was interested not just for the remake, but because Malcolm McDowell is starring as the sheriff. However,the trailer was like 5 minutes of his character arguing with the deputy. Boring.
The Collection- limited release Nov. 30
From the writers and director of the Saw series. I like the tag line: "The real Black Friday begins November 30th" The movie seems dark and disturbing. But, it seems to be missing the scary element because it's the same plot devices used in the Saw series: Methodical killer torturing victims for retribution. Next.
Kill Me Now- limited release Dec. 5
Twenty-something slasher/comedy flick. The timing, writers, and actors might make this something that actually is entertaining and comedic. Still no scary here.

I'm glad to see the horror genre is still alive. But enough of the non-thinking slasher.
Thanks to Movie Insider. A great resource for movie-goers.